The value-added service (VAS) in Telecommunication is effectively the term used to describe the whole services beyond standard voice calls which includes data transmissions, interactive services, competitions and much more, The VAS allows GSM subscribers to use their phone into creative services as like as Chatting, Voting, Trivia Games, downloading Multimedia Messages, listening to interactive voice systems, Technologies and data carriers that handle and support the whole VAS services could be categorized under SMS, MMS, IVR, RBT, WAP, GPRS. Value-added services are supplied either in-house by using the normal handset or by a third-party which we called VASP (value-added service provider), also known as a content provider (CP), VASPs typically connect to the operator using protocols like SMPP (to connect the SMSC), MM7 & HTTP (To connect the MMSC)…which help the GSM operator to control and charge of the subscribers.